Computer Method and System for Management and Control of Wireless Devices
U.S.  PATENT No: 6,628,965
Mark LaRosa is the inventor of a patent for a wireless software infrastructure.
Patent has been issued in the U.S. and Australia.
United States Patent:  Patent Number: 6,628,965
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Australian Patent:  Patent Number 733.968
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A system and method of operating a computer system manages and controls wireless devices through a wireless control subsystem.  The wireless control subsystem includes a programming module to extend a base communications API of a multi-tasking operating system through a set of programming objects callable by at least one wireless-related application.  The wireless control subsystem also includes a system module having a plurality of layers of linked programming objects which propagate information from object to object indicative of the occurrence of system level events related to the operation and/or status of the wireless device.  System level events are communicated from a wireless device to the system module and through the layers of objects within the system module.  Information indicative of said system level events is further propagated from the system module to the programming module to the wireless-related application.