Mark LaRosa

Serial Entrepreneur / Start-up Sales


Guest Post on the Frank Peters Show about entrepreneurship in Jordan:

Linked-In Profile

Alumni Profile Article

Articles from Dynamic Mobile Data days:

September 2003 Appeared on SanDiego ABC News from DEMOMobile 2003 show
September 2003 Demo-ed on stage at DEMOMobile 2003 and was awarded DEMOgod award
May 2002 Speaker at the 9th Annual TechShow
September 2001 Focus of Stevens Alumni Association Article
June 2000 CIO Asia article
May 2000 Computerworld article on Airborne sale
May 2000 Field Force Automation Magazine   (PDF File)
April 2000 CIO Magazine article:  Un-ravelling the wired Planet
Dec 1999 Microsoft Case Study on BostonCoach
Oct 1999 CNN.Com Article on WindowsCE
June 1999 Microsoft Case Study on Canada Dry
Fall 1997 Stevens Institute G.O.L.D. newsletter

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